Thomas Hornig - Singer/Songwriter

A little bit about me:

I've been writing songs since the age of 12.
Throughout the years I have always worked on a balance between
writing music and performing as a musician.
After backing up other artists for most of my life I decided it was time
to be the front man.
In 2007 I wrote, recorded, produced, performed and mixed my first solo album:
All Of My Life.
I released the album Feb 2008 under my own label and have been performing my
songs around town.
Now, I am very excited about the release of my second album:
Every Single Day in March of 2012
I had a little more help from some amazing friends such as
Jamila Ford, Dave Pearlman, Jennifer Quiroz,
Ronan Chris Murphy and Stephanie Villa
and I am sure you'll love it :)

I have placed some of my songs in Film and TV and have been awarded the 2008
and 2009 ASCAPlus Pop Award as well as receiving honorable mentioning for the 2011
Billboard International Songwriting Competition for my song
Everything Else Came Through.
I am spending more and more time producing and mixing for fellow songwriters
and still love to backup artists as a drummer.

Here is one of my favorite quotes about my music:
Thomas Hornig writes wonderful indie pop songs that flow and soar - his music makes you want to create a film just for the songs. --Dave Harvey - SongsAlive!--